Skin antiseptic MidoSept Q - 5000ml

MidoSept Q is a ready-to-use, quick-acting uncolored skin antiseptic based on Quaternary ammonium compounds.

MidoSept Q is a ready-to-use, fast, broad and long-lasting skin antiseptic for use in hospitals, primary care systems, inpatient and outpatient care, and home dialysis. Intended for antiseptic and degreasing of the skin prior to surgical procedures, injections, vaccinations, blood sampling, acupuncture and other similar activities. Do not use to disinfect large open area wounds. Not for use on the skin around the eyes and for mucous disinfection. Do not use in newborns. For non-professional and professional use. Do not use the product as a medicine!


Skin disinfection before surgery or puncture:

Spray directly onto the skin to be disinfected or impregnate a sterile pad and apply evenly over the skin. During spraying, keep the distance between the sprayer and the skin short enough to avoid spray drift and to allow sufficient moistening. Wait for 1 minute to dry. If there is a risk of hepatitis virus (HVB), extend the exposure time to 2 minutes, then repeat the application procedure.

Skin disinfection before injection, vaccination, blood sampling and acupuncture:

Spray the skin and wait 15 seconds. Extend exposure to viruses by increasing exposure time to 1 minute and, in the case of HVB threat, to 2 minutes, then re-spray.

For oily skin disinfection time 5 min.

Safety and first aid: Always read the safety data sheet before work!

In case of ingestion or ingestion, rinse mouth immediately and drink 1-2 glasses of water. If inhaled, move in fresh air. In the event of a health problem or suspicion, seek medical advice immediately.

Ingredients: Alcohols  (Ethanol) 70% (w / w), disinfectants (Quaternary ammonium compounds).

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